Online CBT Training for Parents

You are essential to a positive outcome for your teenager.

We have a plan.
It’s been researched.
It’s been tested.
You are integral to it.

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Our Commitment to Your Family

Our goal is to bring fulfillment to your teen by providing them with the skills to actively participate in life’s journey.

What You Can Expect

We believe our approach for you must satisfy the same core tenets we ensure for your teen.

It’s Brief

Over the course of treatment, we typically spend 3-5 hours together to support your teen. Lumate’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy lasts 3-4 months. Sessions are conducted weekly and are about an hour in length.

It's Convenient

You and your teen can engage in therapy through our mobile-accessible teletherapy platform. Our online portal will provide access to all supporting content and tools.

It's Tailored

We want to hear from you and your teen. Your teenager will be paired with an expert therapist who will tailor the sessions and supporting materials to match their specific needs and goals.

It's Lasting

You will have ongoing access to resources that will enable you to support your teen. Your teen will learn and practice skills they will utilize long after treatment ends. To maintain treatment gains, your teen can access supporting tools and refresher practice in their portal. We are part of your team and offer ongoing booster sessions to reinforce your teen's growth.

It's Effective

Our approach is proven and is the most effective therapy for the treatment of anxiety. Every therapist is either at a doctoral or master’s level and must pass our rigorous training process. In addition, they are continuously supported by our team of experts to maintain the integrity of the therapy.

Teen Anxiety Has Many Faces

Excessive Worry? 
Social Anxiety? 
Panic Attacks? 
Fears or Phobias? 
Separation Anxiety? 
Lumate can help. 

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