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We are committed to you, too, as you play an important role in helping them manage their anxiety.

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How Do I Know If They Have Anxiety?

You’re often in the dark about what may be complicated for your sibling or friend. You can, however, play an important role in their journey. Some signs of anxiety include excessive worry, social anxiety, panic attacks, fears or phobias, and separation anxiety,  which many different experiences can bring about.

It is hard to know how best to support someone struggling with anxiety. Their emotions can be very different from yours. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and everybody’s situation may be a little different. You still can play a meaningful role, and we want to equip you to best navigate this journey.

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How can I help? What should I do?

A few helpful principles are important as a friend or sibling during moments of high anxiety.

Be Present

Just being there for them makes them feel like they are not alone, and you can be a grounding force in moments of high anxiety. You do not need any answers. Your simple presence is important. It may be as simple as asking them if they want to talk about what is happening.

Find a Quiet Place

Sometimes, finding a quiet place during moments of high anxiety can really help. Respect their space if they want to be quiet without talking about their anxiety.

Be Soothing and Relaxed

The calmness of your voice can play an important role. Try and be understanding of them and acknowledge how hard the situation may be for them. They must be really brave to confront their anxiety.

Reach Out

If you do not know whether they are getting the help they need, reach out to a parent or guardian to let them know. They will need to be involved in initiating therapy.

Find Support for Yourself

Being such a close friend or sibling of someone with anxiety can take its toll. Avoid feeling alone or overwhelmed. Find an understanding teacher, close friend, or family member to let them know how you feel.

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