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Enable people to positively change the outcomes of their lives.

To do that, we aim to be the gold standard to help our patients manage excessive anxiety and perform their best. It can lead to a lifetime of change for our patients, their care teams, and their broader communities.

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Our Core Values

At Lumate, authenticity relies on an unwavering commitment to our mission. With our mission as the cornerstone, every action of every teammate is grounded in a focus to better others.  That focus creates better outcomes as Lumate can harness the strength and experiences of every individual.

A shared commitment to strive for our clients to experience meaningful change is a collective responsibility and something we all highly value and influence. Outcomes are driven by every interaction and everything we do for our patients, their families and their care communities.

We believe that we are only as good as our collective effort. If we have a fundamental trust that by working with others, by taking advantage of differing perspectives and individual strengths, we can better carry out our mission.

We continuously seek to improve and thereby increase the efficacy of what we do. To improve and innovate, we need to learn and discover. Discovery is the product of accumulated learning and innovation is the product of accumulated discoveries.


Our Leadership Team

This team came together to help people positively change the outcomes of their lives. Collectively, we have dedicated our extensive careers to both the advancement of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and to building innovative technology applications. Day in and day out we are driven to continue to bring more positive outcomes to more people more effectively. For all of us, this mission is personal.

Strategic Clinical Advisor

Strategic Clinical Advisor

Chief Digital Officer

Chief Clinical Officer

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations Director

Head of Lumate Academy

Director of School Partnerships

Executive Clinical Director - California

Executive Clinical Director - Northeast

Executive Clinical Director - North Carolina & Florida

Clinician - Florida, North Carolina

Clinician - Northeast

Clinician - Northeast

Clinician - California

Director of Intake Services

Head of Marketing

Finance & Operations Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Executive Officer

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Anxiety is Different For Everyone

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can be hard. Lumate can help. 

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