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Everyone should have access to valid, comprehensive diagnostic mental health assessments. Our goal is to ensure you have the most accurate clinical description, a tailored treatment plan, and expert clinical care, whether we are providing the treatment or helping our patients find the best fit for them.

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Lumate Health does not offer Forensic Evaluations such as those used for licensing, legal proceedings, and the like. A few examples of these include evaluations for disability, injury, competency, or custody claims, as well as those evaluations required for gun or marijuana licenses, or for employment clearance. Our evaluations are designed to provide a comprehensive diagnostic picture and are intended for the purposes of guiding treatment recommendations.

What We Evaluate

Our mental health assessments are thorough, both in terms of breadth and depth, to ensure that we obtain an accurate understanding of your needs and how to best help. Lumate’s rigorous assessment protocol was tested successfully in clinical research trials, many conducted by our own leadership team, and is part of the gold standard assessment used in academic medical settings and clinics around the world with tens of thousands of patients ages 12 through adulthood. Reports provide thorough analysis and recommended treatment, if such treatment is necessary.
Most assessments in outpatient clinics are based on unstructured interviews that touch on the presenting concern, but often omit questions about key areas in your life.  Such assessments can have a narrow focus and provide a limited diagnostic picture that can have a dramatic, negative impact on treatment recommendations.
Lumate’s Mental Health Assessment focuses on diagnosing anxiety types and OCD.

Generalized Anxiety refers to intense, excessive, and persistent worry about everyday concerns, such as health, safety, making mistakes, performance at school or at work, the future, or the unknown. Individuals with generalized anxiety tend to think about “What if?” scenarios and worry disproportionately about potential negative outcomes. It is often challenging for them to move on from these thoughts when they arise. Worry can also lead to physical symptoms like muscle tension, trouble concentrating, difficulty sleeping, and being more easily annoyed.

Our assessment process has been used in clinical trials and premier academic medical facilities around the globe.

Our highly rigorous and thorough assessment process has helped tens of thousands of patients get the treatment and support they need.

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Meet the Architects of our Mental Health Assessment

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Insurance Coverage Verification for Mental Health Assessments

At Lumate, we’re committed to ensuring that teens and young adults have access to the mental health care they need. That’s why we offer a range of insurance and payment options to make our mental health assessments and evaluations accessible. Here’s how our insurance coverage verification process works:

Provide Insurance & Contact Details: During our screening process, we will ask you for your insurance and contact information.
Your Insurance Verification: Once we have your information, we’ll promptly verify your insurance coverage and benefits. If eligible, we will then invite you to register into our insurance portal.
Guidance Through the Admission Process: With your insurance coverage confirmed, our team will guide you through the admission process step by step. We’ll provide personalized support to ensure you access the mental health evaluation as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Mental Health Assessments for Anxiety and OCD

Mental health assessments are essential tools for comprehending and addressing mental well-being since they provide valuable insights into social, environmental, and psychological factors that create and maintain distress. Mental health evaluations promote overall well-being by enabling early detection of anxiety and OCD for creating personalized treatment. Expert mental health assessment is a key first step in proactively pursuing a fulfilling life. Here are some benefits of mental health evaluations:

  • Identify anxiety and depression symptoms early in young adults and teenagers for timely intervention.
  • Allows us to develop a personalized treatment plan to address specific needs.
  • Provides insights into emotions and behaviors, empowering active participation.
  • Supports the development of coping strategies for sustained mental well-being.
  • Facilitates open dialogue between therapists and families for collaborative care.

Why Choose Lumate Health for Mental Health Assessments?

Lumate Health offers a comprehensive approach to providing mental health assessments and treatment, with a focus on empowering individuals to change the outcomes of their lives positively. Our clinical team has over 30 years of experience in providing empirically proven cognitive-behavioral treatment, which is effective for a range of mental health diagnoses. Here are some of the reasons why to choose Lumate Health for online mental health assessments:

  • Commitment to providing high-quality care mental health services.
  • Dedicated experts to diagnose anxiety and OCD in teenagers, young adults, parents or guardians, and schools.
  • Access to online secure and convenient assessments for patients.

For individuals seeking online mental health assessment across the United States, Lumate Health offers a trusted and experienced resource to address anxiety and OCD, providing evidence-based care and support to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Assessments

A mental health assessment is a process that aims to evaluate an individual’s emotional well-being, thoughts, feelings, reasoning, and memory. It is conducted to diagnose mental health conditions and assess any difficulties the individual may be experiencing. During an online mental health assessment, Lumate’s experts will ask a series of questions tailored to the individual’s age and stage of development, and it helps provide a comprehensive understanding of their mental health.

The duration of a mental health assessment can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the individual’s condition and the thoroughness of the evaluation. In general, a mental health assessment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. During Lumate Health’s online mental health assessment, it is important to take the time to answer truthfully and accurately as this will help the professional make an accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate recommendations for treatment.

The frequency of mental health assessments depends on individual circumstances and the nature of the mental health condition. In some cases, a one-time assessment may be sufficient to establish a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. However, for individuals with chronic or ongoing mental health conditions, regular online mental health assessments may be necessary to monitor progress, adjust treatment plans, and ensure the individual’s well-being.

At Lumate, mental health assessments are conducted by mental health specialists, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. These professionals have specialized training in assessing and treating mental health conditions and can provide more in-depth evaluations.

Mental health evaluations can be taken by individuals of all ages who are concerned about their mental well-being or who have been recommended to do so by a healthcare professional. This may include individuals experiencing symptoms of mental health conditions, those seeking diagnosis or treatment, or people undergoing therapy to monitor their progress. At Lumate Health, we specialize in mental health assessments for teens and young adults.

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