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Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

We know anxiety’s plan.
We have a better one.

Based on research led by Lumate’s clinical leadership team over the last 30+ years. Empirically proven to be the most effective form of therapy for anxiety.

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6 Pillars To Our Plan

Gold Standard Therapy

We deliver comprehensive, thoroughly tested Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety through our teletherapy platform that is completed over 3-4 months.

Expert Therapists

All of our expert, doctoral or master's-level therapists complete our extensive training and supervision. Our therapists partner with the teenager or young adult and their families for the duration of treatment.

Tailored Therapy Plan

Teenagers and young adults will be paired with an expert therapist who will tailor the sessions and supporting materials to match their specific needs and goals. All content is based on decades of research and testing.

Parent and Guardian Involvement

We engage parents and guardians during therapy to augment and sustain the teenager's progress. We provide access to content and therapy support with ongoing access to supplemental materials.

Engaging Technology Tools

Our portal enables teenagers or young adults to set goals, practice what they're learning, and track their progress. They also receive personalized reminders, tools, and tips between sessions to enhance engagement.

Support for a Lifetime

We provide ongoing content, workshops, and booster sessions to reinforce skills over time.

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We wrote the book(s) on anxiety treatment in teens and young adults… no, really.

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Insurance Coverage Verification for CBT Online

At Lumate, we understand the importance of accessible mental health care for teens and young adults. That’s why we offer various insurance options to ensure that our online CBT programs are within reach for those seeking support. Here’s how our insurance coverage verification process works:

  • Provide Your Insurance & Contact Details: During our screening process, we will ask you for your insurance information and contact details. 
  • We Verify Your Insurance: Once your insurance coverage and benefits have been verified, we’ll explore the extent of your mental health care coverage and any associated costs.  If eligible, we will then invite you to register into our insurance portal.
  • Guidance Through the Admission Process: With your insurance coverage confirmed, our team will assist you every step of the admission process to ensure a smooth transition into our teletherapy CBT programs.
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Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Disorders

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at Lumate offers individualized strategies for treating anxiety in teenagers and young adults, empowering them to challenge negative thoughts and build resilience. Through guided exposure and evidence-based techniques, CBT equips adolescents and adults with lifelong coping skills to manage anxiety effectively in their daily lives. Utilizing technology within our telehealth platform, Lumate ensures access to tools for sustainable progress through CBT. Here are some key benefits of CBT for anxiety treatment:

  • Customized sessions for targeting negative thought patterns.
  • Practical strategies for daily life that result in lifelong coping mechanisms.
  • Guided exposure techniques with top-tier therapists.
  • Emotional growth and wellness for patients and their families.

Our Commitment to Our Patients

Our goal is not just to help relieve symptoms but to teach skills that help you take control of anxiety, skills that last a lifetime.
We are grounded in the most rigorous training and supervision protocol.

No matter who you work with at Lumate, you are in expert hands.

What To Expect

Parents and guardians are engaged in the therapy and we want to make sure everyone is aware of what to expect during treatment and beyond.

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