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Lumate works with your school to structure a proven and effective mental health program focused on teens with anxiety.

Teen Mental Health & Wellness Programs

By working with Lumate Health, your school will be able to offer a comprehensive mental health and wellness support program to create a nurturing and empathetic environment that helps teens with anxiety flourish academically and personally. Collaboration with Lumate Health will ensure expert, evidence-based content and services.

Workshop Menu

We have put together a “menu” of services, but feel free to suggest courses, workshops, or consults that you think would be an even better fit for you and your students. We can tailor any or all of these options to fit your needs. Initial workshops and presentations are at no cost to your school.

Lumate offers three distinct programs which can be tailored and used individually or combined to best work for you.

Training & Educational Content

Teachers, Counselors, and Administrative Staff

  • Recognizing Anxiety in Your Classroom
  • How to Talk to and Collaborate with Parents
  • Proper Assessments
  • Helpful Interventions
Lumate Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

All Staff, Parents, Guardians, and Students

  • Preparing Kids for High School (developmental challenges for this age)
  • Getting Ready for College (responsibility and independence)
  • What Can You Do to Promote Independence?
  • Recognizing when Anxiety Interferes with Progress – What Can You Do?
Lumate Therapy Partner

Therapy Partner

Students, Parents, and Guardians

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