Kristina Cross, LMSW

Clinician - Northeast

My Why

Adolescence and early adulthood present both unique opportunities and challenges. As a therapist, I am passionate about helping adolescents and their families learn how to harness their inherent strengths to take back control from anxiety. I believe that developing a warm, collaborative relationship and using evidence-based treatment approaches gives youth the best chance to rewrite the narrative that anxiety has the final say in their lives.

Kristina Cross is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in New York dedicated to fostering mental wellness with children, adolescents, and young adults.

Her commitment to serving others started at Syracuse University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a minor in Psychology. Her coursework and internships prepared her to view individuals wholistically, with a culturally-sensitive and strengths-based lens. Kristina’s years of serving others as a case manager, community educator and supervisor inspired her to earn her Master of Social Work Degree, which expanded her knowledge base and strengthened her passion for access to quality care.

Kristina’s clinical skills include conducting assessments, developing personalized treatment plans, collaborating with professionals in interdisciplinary teams, and implementing evidence-based interventions. Prior to joining Lumate Health, Kristina worked in diverse clinical settings and gained a variety of experience, including cofacilitating a support group for adolescents with anxiety, working with individuals and families in a community mental health setting, and co-authoring publications on strengths-based substance abuse and HIV prevention research for Black youth.

Kristina is a life-long learner; she actively participates in seminars and trainings to integrate the latest scientific methods into the therapeutic process to provide optimal care for adolescents and young adults with anxiety and related disorders.

Inspired by the resilience of communities and families, Kristina believes in the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship and works to ensure teens feel heard, understood, and respected. By combining evidence-based practices with a person-centered approach, Kristina aims to empower young individuals to build self-efficacy, foster self-discovery, and lead fulfilling lives.

Kristina lives in Suffolk, NY and enjoys sketching outdoors and trying new foods with her family and friends. On the weekends, you can find her reading a historical fiction novel, or attending local musicals and plays.

Kristina is supervised by Cara Settipani, Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Now Seeing Patients Ages 12-25

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