Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety in Teenagers

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Developed by Drs. Robert L. Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke and colleagues. No permission required to reproduce, translate, display or distribute.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and OCD
Ages 12 to 25

We are here to listen. We are here to empower you with skills that last a lifetime.

What You Can Expect

Lumate’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used in the most respected hospitals and clinics, now available to you at home.

It’s Brief

A typical course of treatment lasts 3-4 months. Sessions are conducted weekly and are approximately 45 minutes in length.

It's Convenient

You can perform all therapy through our mobile-accessible teletherapy platform. Our online portal will also give you access to all the supporting content and tools.

It's Tailored

We will pair you with an expert therapist who will develop tailored sessions and provide you with supporting materials to match your specific needs and goals.

It's Lasting

You will learn the skills you need for a lifetime. You will always be able to turn to your portal for refresher practice and support tools. We are a team, and you can always access periodic therapy when you want it.

It's Effective

Our approach is proven and is the most effective therapy for the treatment of anxiety.

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